The journey continues

March 22, 2013

The website is about to go live. It has been a much bigger project than I expected and the learning curve was almost vertical.  I am still finding problems but they are being fixed, one by one.

I hope that you find the website interesting and that it meets your needs for information and provides a forum for your opinions. Membership will be limited to those professionals working in this field including psychiatrists, psychologists, lawyers and academics.

I have made some informed guesses about what you might need but if there is missing information let me know. If there are papers that you have written that you think might be interesting to others then send them to me. Please make comments about any matters that concern you. Feel free to criticise, warn, praise, excoriate and whatever. I hope this website becomes a meeting place for our shared ideas and experiences.

By the way, I understand it takes a little time before Google recognises this website so that at first you may have to use

update, is now recognised by google.


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