Mindbogglingly Insensitivity

Mindbogglingly Insensitivity

August 29, 2013

A sample of my collection of “great horrible comments”

A 43-year-old man saw a counsellor with his wife following the death of his seven-year-old daughter who was run over in front of him. They saw the counsellor two weeks after the accident. The counsellor said “good, let’s see what we can do to get early closure!”

A woman whose 12-year-old daughter was killed in a transport accident was told by her mother “good, now you know she won’t be raped when she gets older!”.

A middle-aged woman complaining about her marriage to her mother was told by her mother “I remember you complaining about the same things before you got married. I remember, even then, thinking “who are you to be so choosy.”

A middle-aged man who’s wife had died two weeks previously after 12 months of horrendous treatment for breast cancer was asked by some friends “why don’t come back dancing, you’ll feel much better.”

Two adolescent children of a woman were killed in an accident involving four other teenage deaths in a country town. The driver was convicted of careless driving. The woman was approached by a stranger in a supermarket who said “you’ll be pleased now that you have closure.”

I would be interested to hear any examples you may have.



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