Bloopers from reports written in 2013

Bloopers from reports written in 2013

January 21, 2014

I use DragonDictate for writing reports, this can that lead to amusing (even Freudian) errors.  I thought you may enjoy these ones from 2013.

He became involved in an altercation with a friend who was eating his dog

 He expects to work with the penises in fitting and turning  

 They were living on their father’s thumb                                       

 One brother is a cockroach mixer                                              

 She continued to feel miserable and depressed and spoke to her general practitioner and was referred to as a carcass.  

Apart from her family she enjoyed running and walking in wet cement weekly.

 Her medical practitioner suggested disgusting counseling.

 He had an episode of laryngeal spasm and in September the gander lost his voice.

 He wore brochures for 3-4 hours per day

 He slept with his maternal grandmother in a field for three years

 (heading)         FANNY MEDICAL HISTORY             !!!

 He has flown a number of times over the year and has fractured his nose and damaged his left eye.

 He and his coffin moved to a unit together.

 She had a daughter and had a thyroidectomy which fixed the problem

 He and other members of the Battery were fired to Vietnam

 He developed a mild adjustment order with regard to the President as a result of his facial scarring

 He has a loaded libido and has to be careful with position

 His sister is a nurse who lives standing up

 Her mother died suddenly of a miserable haemorrhage

 He had several more fractures of both wrists on six or seven occasions as a result of his many flights

 She was taken to the clinic and x rated.

 She became very regressed and was incontinent of faeces and Europe



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