Latest bloopers from Dragon

Latest bloopers from Dragon

June 26, 2014

DragonDictate has a mind of its own, this can lead to some interesting mistakes.

  • As she was driving down the street she ran over a gardener.  She was very upset by that.
  •  She appeared older than her stated age with a swallow complexion.
  •  He gave the neurology at the funeral.
  • She was anxious, depressed, tearfull and felt disfigured by her disease and the weight gain associated with her courtesan usage.
  •  Following that examination a series of recommendations were made to the department of human soup.
  •  He reported that he imagined a hawk could be attached to his amputated forearm.
  •  He was tricked with a collar and calf.
  • She has a friend who was a counsellor in hell.
  • Her third husband is aged nine.
  • She had tachycardia and had treasured that over the years.
  • A new system was brought, in which she had to pick her own shit.
  • He was depressed as he thought his wife was falling apart.
  • The chicken had a rental car.
  • Disorder came to Melbourne and stayed for several months.
  • It was confirmed that Eureka had been torn from his bladder.


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