Jargon squared-the AMA psychiatrists newsletter

Jargon squared-the AMA psychiatrists newsletter

December 4, 2015

Today I received by email the AMA Psychiatrist Newsletter, 15th Edition. I must say that i was not aware of the other 14. Nevertheless I thought it might be useful and I might learn something. Such was not the case. The topics covered included the following:

Mental Health Reform

Medicare Benefits Schedule Review

Activity Based Funding on Mental Health

Private Mental Health Alliance

Operation Life Mobile Application

RANZCP-Message from the President

AMA branch roundup (with no content but with a sidebar referring to interviews with Dr Kerryn Phelps from 2003 when she was then president of the AMA!)

I am sure this is a worthy endeavour but I found it almost incomprehensible.   For example the section on Activity Based Funding on Mental Health included the following acronyms:IHPA, AMHCC, ABF MHC DSS, MHCS, MHWG and MNCERG.

This gives you of flavour of this article here are the 1st two paragraphs:

The Independent Hospitals Pricing Authority (IHPA) is developing the Australian Mental Health Care Classification (AMHCC) including a supporting Activity Based Funding Mental Health Care Data Set Specification (ABF MHC DSS).  The development of the AMHCC is intended to significantly improve the clinical meaningfulness of mental health classification, leading to an improvement in the cost predictiveness and will support the new models of care being implemented in all states and territories.

To date, the classification development work has been informed by the findings of the University of Queensland Definition and Cost Drivers for Mental Health Services project, qualitative feedback from participants of the Mental Health Costing Study (MHCS) and analysis of the MHCS dataset.

Since our last edition, IHPA has been working through its MHWG and its Mental Health Classification Expert Reference Group (MHCERG) to develop and refine the AMHCC.  MHCERG comprises mental health subject matter experts, classification system development experts and data analysis expert.


And on it remorselessly goes for another 8 paragraphs with equal incomprehensibility.  Can you read it?


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