Doctor fights back against Internet Troll

Doctor fights back against Internet Troll

September 29, 2016

We are familiar with various websites that rate those who do independent medical examinations. Some of these posts are incorrect and indeed defamatory.

Here is an example of comments from the workcovervictimsdiary Website.

Those IMEs who totally disregard honesty should be eliminated from the process. Consider having the state refer to an IME doctor rather than the insurer and the whole attitude towards fairness and honesty would likely improve

 Get rid of the (few) nutters doing most of the IMEs. If an IME doctor loses a certain amount of cases then don’t allow them to undertake more IME examinations. The reason these IMEs don’t succeed is because they are either wrong incompetent, dishonest or all three

Dr Alan Jager has sent us a post about a successful application to shut down such a website.  It makes interesting reading

Al Muderis v Duncan [2016] NSWSC 1363 saw the applicant, an orthopaedic surgeon, make an interlocutory application to to restrain the continued publication on the internet of material he alleges is defamatory of him. The defendant had not responded to correspondence and was not represented at the interlocutory hearing.

The application arose against the background of a complaint by a patient to the Health Care Complaints Commission, which was dismissed. A medical negligence claim was also made and dismissed.

Later the patient pleaded guilty to offences of intimidation and using a carriage service to harass, menace or offend. He was convicted and sentenced to four months imprisonment suspended on conditions. An apprehended violence order was made prohibiting the patient from assaulting, molesting, harassing or threatening the doctor, engaging in any other conduct that intimidates him, or stalking him. The AVO made specific reference to operation of a website.

The court made orders as requested by the medical practitioner, including an order directed to the website host registration entity. The website now appears to have been taken down.


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