Victoria – TAC has developed a website for ‘health care providers”

Victoria – TAC has developed a website for ‘health care providers”

December 9, 2016

The TAC has developed a useful website for ‘health care providers”.

This page provides useful information, such as updated fees, policies and industry events.

You can also choose your profession from the drop down list to access information

specific to you.

For example the link to IMEs brings up:

Independent Impairment Assessors – TAC – Transport Accident Commission

Independent Impairment Assessors (IIAs) are medical practitioners specially trained

to conduct impairment assessments.

These assessments are required for a person injured in a transport accident, who have

made a claim for impairment benefits,

as a result of sustaining a permanent impairment.

Impairment assessors, play a critical role in ensuring the TAC provides timely and equitable

lump sum benefits to a person

injured in a transport accident.

Becoming an Independent Impairment Assessor

All IIA’s must undergo specific training.  Training is delivered by an accredited training provider

approved by the Minister for the TAC.

The course offers:

  • Administrative information on the assessment of impairment
  • Theory and practice of assessing impairment

For further information about the training course, visit AMA Victoria or email

Providing services to the TAC

Upon the successful completion of the impaiment assessment training course, you can request

to provide services by directly contacting us.


The TAC can pay the reasonable costs of impairment assesment service as detailed in the

below fee schedules:


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