CPD and requirements for Civil Forensic Psychiatrists

CPD and requirements for Civil Forensic Psychiatrists

August 24, 2017

The RANZCP Committee for Continuing Medical Education have told us that the following activities would meet the new 5-hour (Section 3) ‘Practice Development requirement’:

  1.  Peer analysis of 5 (or more) reports, using a structured tool such as the revised Worksafe Proforma, with view to revision and repeat of process each year
  2. Reflection, with peer(s), on one’s own evidence in court as documented in Austlii (http://www.austlii.edu.au/)
  3. Analysis of Questionnaire data for claimant/report subject re: process of their assessment (not content/opinion)
  4. Practice audit by peer of processes such as consent forms, privacy policies, intake process
  5. Survey of referrers re: e.g. turnaround time and other process issues

I have started some of this recently.  I have a questionnaire for claimants, so far 31 people have completed it.  I am refining a questionnaire for referrers and

I have been using http://www.austlii.edu.au/ to look at judge’s decisions about cases in which i have been a witness – interesting reading!  It lists more than 600 but many of

those are referring to the GEPIC that I co-authored with Nigel Strauss and George Mendelson.  i will find out more about this structured tool business.

It seems onerous but doable.


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