eReports response to my Blog

February 27, 2018

In a blog written on 31 August, 2017 I noted ‘I have been reliably told that eReports were unhappy about my reference to them in a previous blog and were contemplating legal action!!’

I received an email from Ruth Hogarth, the chief operating officer of eReports dated 19 January 2018 stating that she was unaware of the Blog until recently and had never contemplated taking legal action. She wrote “I was very surprised that without contacting us, or verifying with us the authenticity of such claims that you were published what is very much untrue“. I am happy to accept that, although my informant remains adamant that the information provided was correct.  The underlying issue was that eReports had claimed they had been provided with appointment blocks by WorkSafe who sent out a letter refuting that. Since eReports have been called out as deceptive (at the least) it is a question of who is more credible, my informant or eReports.


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