The Guide to Civil Psychiatric Assessment

The Guide to Civil Psychiatric Assessment

October 18, 2019

After two years of research and writing, editing, rewriting and more research I have at last completed my book The Guide to Civil Psychiatric Assessment. I wrote a much briefer version of this in 2013 called the DIY Guide to Civil Forensic Psychiatry. Some of the material from that has been included but much of it was outdated, a number of areas hadnot been covered and it was very Victorian focused.

The new book is intended to be a complete guide and is in two parts. The first part is “how to” with advice about establishing a practice, obtaining the work, interviewing, report writing and preparing an opinion. I have written extensively about complex claims, difficult claimants and court appearances. The second part refers to all the resources available including various websites. The book has links to legislation about workers compensation, motor accidents and civil liability claims in every state and territory and in New Zealand. I have also looked at all the impairment guides.There is an appendix that includes information about the impairment guides, various college statements plus other documentation.

The book is available through this website but also through Amazon and, if you have any problems you can contact me at


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