The Mystery of Pain!

January 13, 2020


I don’t know about you but I find people with chronic pain, especially those who appear to have had little or no significant pathology very puzzling. As you would know a significant number seem to have experienced childhood sexual abuse or other forms of childhood abuse.

What is extraordinary is the depth of suffering that they experience.

I have been receiving 5 to 6 minute videos from for some time. Most recently they have had a 4 part series on pain with titles including

  • a cycle of pain
  • beyond the biomedical model
  • pain, pain go away
  • a new category of pain

My understanding of chronic pain has improved as a result. You may find them interesting.


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  1. Thanks Says:

    Thanks for the website. It is useful to have material on the civil forensic spectrum listed here. I might add that I have found your book useful and can recommend it.

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