COVID19 – Increase in number of workers’ compensation claims due to COVID 19

COVID19 – Increase in number of workers’ compensation claims due to COVID 19

April 30, 2020

The latest issue of Insurance Business Australia highlights the situation.

As the COVID-19 pandemic slowly subsides, the risk of workers’ compensation claims relating to the virus is slowly mounting on the insurance industry.

After a host of workers across the nation lodged workers’ compensation claims related to the virus, industry leaders are being warned to maintain social distancing and strict hygiene measures in their workplaces. Maintaining employees’ psychological health is also encouraged.

“SafeWork NSW advises that simple steps that enable physical distancing between people, effective personal hygiene and cleaning and disinfection of high touch work surfaces can make a significant difference to preventing the transmission of COVID-19,” said SIRA chief executive Carmel Donnelly (pictured above).

This article indicates the number of COVID 19 claims  for all the states and territories.

From a psychiatric injury perspective there are likely to be claims for negligence, Impairment benefits should only be a limited area for psychiatric injury as those infected have had a physical injury, but in the event of death or long term health problems family members may make a claim.  There maybe a few workers who, while not themselves infected, have de-compensated.  An evolving scenario. I am grateful to Dr Julian Parmegiani for bringing this to my attention.


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