The Judicial College of Victoria- a useful resource

The Judicial College of Victoria- a useful resource

August 9, 2020

The Judicial College of Victoria provides guidance for Judges in Victoria, it describes itself as ‘ a trusted place where the judiciary come to share knowledge, wisdom and expertise.’

The home page provides information about various manuals including a civil procedures book.  Interesting information on expert witnesses  for example:

 procedure for giving evidence

The Act gives courts the power to give any direction considered appropriate in respect of experts giving evidence at trial (s65K(1)).

Such directions may include directing an expert witness to:

give evidence at any stage of a trial, including after all factual evidence has been adduced on behalf of all parties

give evidence concurrently with one or more other expert witnesses

give an oral exposition of their opinion on any issue

give their opinion of an opinion given by other expert witnesses

be examined, cross-examined or re-examined in a particular manner or sequence, including by putting to each expert witness, in turn, each issue relevant to one matter or issue at a time

be permitted to ask questions of any other expert witness who is concurrently giving evidence (s65K(2)).

The court may question an expert witness in order to identify the real issues in dispute between two or more expert witnesses. This includes questioning more than one expert witness simultaneously (s65K(3)).

Another resource is a manual on serious injury


Check it out.


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